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Prep Time:

10 minutes

Cook Time:



2 Pints


Seriously easy


¾ cup pine nuts (2.5 oz package)

6 cups packed basil leaves

10 garlic cloves

¼ cup packed parsley

1 ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil + 1 tbs 

2 tsp kosher salt

½ cup finely shredded parmigiano reggiano

½ cup finely shredded pecorino romano


  1. In a medium pan, on medium high heat, add pine nuts and toast until color turns lightly brown. Like toasting a marshmallow.

  1. Remove nuts and add to processor/blender.

  2. Add 1 tbs olive oil to the pan and heat.

  3. Smash garlic but do not chop, add to hot oil in pan

  4. Place basil and parsley on cutting board

  5. Smash with clean hands to bruise the leaves and start flavor extraction

  6. In blender, layer basil, salt, cheese, oil, in various amounts until done

  7. Process on low until pasty, then up to high until pesto reaches desired consistency

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