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Beef Stew

Prep Time:

30 minutes

Cook Time:

3 hours


2 quarts




3 lbs choice chuck roast

2 cups beef bone broth

2 cups red wine

1 onion

2 shallots

6 garlic cloves

4 celery stalks

3 medium carrots

2 Tbs olive oil

4 Tbs butter

2 mixed herb bunches (parsley, thyme, oregano, bay leaf)

1 Tbs kosher salt

1 Tbs garlic powder


1.      Dice beef into 2” cubes and season with salt and garlic.

2.      In stock pot add oil and sear meat on high heat.

3.      Remove beef and set aside in a bowl to save the juices.

4.      Dice carrots, celery, onion, and shallots - smash and dice garlic.

5.      Add onions, shallots, and garlic to the stock pot and reduce heat to medium.

6.      Sprinkle with salt, add butter and cook while turning to caramelize.

7.      Add beef, wine, broth, diced carrots and herbs. Cover with lid and cook at 325 degrees for 2.5 hours.

8.      Add celery and cook for 30 minutes.

9.      Remove and strain half the liquid.

10.  Reduce by half, stir in remaining cold 2 tbs butter and stir into mix.

11.  Serve

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